GTZ funded project in the Pendjari National Park, Benin. Expedition conducted in February 2002, during the dry season. Surveys of freshwater fish, amphibians, insects and birds. 
Follow up expedition conducted in October 2003, during the rainy season. 

Summary report of the 2002 Expedition (pdf-file)

Report on the fish fauna of Pendjari (pdf-file) 

Contribution to the fish fauna and the aquatic habitats of Pendjari national park in Benin (jpg-file)

Summary report of the 2003 Expedition (pdf-file)

Report on the fish fauna of Pendjari (pdf-file) 

Vegetation map of the Pendjari National Park (pdf-file)

Map of study sites and sample sites in 2002/2003 (pdf-file)

The fish community of a West African savannah biome during the rainy season (jpg-file)

List of fish species reported from Pendjari NP.pdf(jpg-file)

The amphibian fauna of Pendjari National Park and surroundings, northern Benin (pdf-file)